Will consumers accept honeycomb houses?

We had done about 10 opportunity surveys prior to 2006 at exhibition events and lectures to gauge the response of consumers to Honeycomb Housing. Simple methodalogies were adopted, but responses were clear: consumers preferred Honeycomb Housing, as an alternative to terrace houses by a big margin.
In 2006, developers who use our potential clients commissioned a team from Universiti Putra Malaysia to undertake broader surveys to test the market potential.
Three surveys were done. Two opportunity surveys were conducted at Kuantan and Johor Bahru, the aim being to gauge the response of government civil servants, an important market category in both cities. Though the survey was not random, about 20% of the total number of civil servants in the locations selected volunteered to take part in the survey.
In the two surveys about 95% of respondents preferred Honeycomb Houses to Terrace Houses and conventional housing.
In a third exercise, a random selection of households in Johor Jaya was surveyed. In this survey where ethnic Chinese Malaysian formed the majority of households, two-thirds of total respondents preferred Honeycomb Housing.
The report on this suvey can be access in the Johor Jaya Survey website.

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