Where do Visitors Park

Casual parking

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In each house, two cars can park side by side. For casual visitors 9 parking bays are provided on the short stretches of roads between the courtyards. Visitors can also park directly in front of the houses but of course, they will be blocking the cars in the house. I prefer to discourage parking in the green at the center of the courtyard.

Serious parking

In Malaysia, people will occasionally put up tents on the street in front of their homes to hold communal events like weddings, funerals or thanks-giving ceremonies. Neighbours accept this, and traffic that normally passes through have to be diverted. Guests then park anywhere they can, on the grass verge, sidewalks...

In the 'honeycomb' cul-de-sac layout, the tents can be put up in the central green area. Some guests can park their cars in the short connecting streets, but most will have to park on the distribution roads outside the cul-de-sac.

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A bit tight, but still better than the present situation with terrace houses.

Is the Honeycomb Layout Suitable for Sloping Sites?

Developers in Malaysia generally flatten large expanses of land for the terrace houses, but let detached houses go gently up and down to better suit the original contours.

Detached housing units have compact footprints that allow more level changes to be placed between the blocks. The shape of blocks of Honeycomb housing is very much like big detached houses and there is more opportunity to introduce level changes in between the blocks.

The party wall at the rear of the quadruplex or duplex houses can also easily cater for changes in levels – up to 3 meters – fitting in with the structure of the house. In this way the amount of free-standing retaining structure is minimized.

Here only a one meter retaining wall is shown at the party wall between the two units, but a 3 meter one fits in easily too

For even steeper sites, cul-de-sacs, being disconnected, adapt better to topography. Quite large level differences in levels between adjacent courtyards can be managed because the roads do not connect directly but instead snake around in a loop.

Can Tessellation Plans get Approvals

We have a project in Maran, Pahang which uses a Mosaic layout comprising quadruplexes and garden townhouses. It has already received Planning and Building Approvals, and eartworks have started. The developers will lanch the sales soon.

Sorry, but you need to know the Malay language to understand read the approval letters below:

We also have a project in Kuantan, Pahang which has received Planning Approval. Here is the Approval:

Pasdec Plannning Approval